Our new summer course!

Our new summer course!

It has been a while since we have posted here (it seems like I am typing that every time I post something) but for those who do not have any plans for the upcoming summer vacation, we would recommend that you check out our new SILAC Comprehensive Summer Program. Combining the conversation focus of our traditional SILAC program with listening, reading and writing focus of our more long term courses, SCSP is ideal for those wishing to improve their Japanese proficiency over Summer.

Check out our latest YouTube advertisement for the course and be sure to visit the webpage for more info!


A YouTube channel I barely knew existed…

For those who want to learn a bit more about Japan, the Japanmania YouTube channel has all kinds of bits and pieces for those with an interest in this country. They have even put up videos on obscure stuff like katsuobushi!

Festival time!

Festival time!

Well, a festival of sorts…
Learn more about the ogre hatin’, bean throwing festival of Setsubun on this month’s addition of YAMAS’D: the community vlog of the YAMASA Institute.

One reason to come to Aichi…

is to see Futami No. 1, the grouper fish that likes to have it’s teeth brushed!

Giving the full story away is too much. Check out this Japan Times article for more!

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

But the next edition of the YAMASA Institute Community Blog: YAMASA’D has finally hit You Tube. A huge thanks to Joe, my friendly camera man (you can check out his work here).

This week we explore how to stay safe in Japan when you arrive. We talk about how to stay safe in areas as everyday as the local pub to when an earthquake is occurring. We also give some tips that a lot of Japanese veterans know already that will come in handy.

In addition to this , we give you the low down on what is happening right now at the YAMASA institute.

What are you still reading this for? Get to watching!

For those of an anime bent…

this news should be exhilarating!

Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement.

Some may very well ask…

‘why I should learn Japanese if I live in Japan?’ I give you exhibit A.

Foreigner accused of shoplifting tea in Japan, label to blame